5 Easy Tips To Move Your Boxes Efficiently

If you are moving out from Dubai to Pakistan, you are first required to send your cargo to Pakistan. Prior to sending your load, you cannot just dump all of your stuff in one box and get done with the packing job. That is because no matter how great your selected cargo services in Dubai to Pakistan are, mindless packing can do more harm than good and you can even ruin your content. 

In this blog, we have compiled a few tips that would teach you how to pack your luggage boxes efficiently before sending them away. 

Collect All The Essential Packing Supplies 

First off, you need to get all the necessary elements one needs to pack. This includes plastic, bags, packing material, sheets, duct tapes and of course the packing boxes. 

Since every item is not as sturdy as others, you need to have special boxes for your fragile possessions. 

Some people think that they can make the old boxes work, as the only purpose boxes serve is that of storage. This is wrong because not only the old boxes are easy to collapse, but you can never if they are contaminated. 

Categorize Your Valuables 

It is completely absurd to put objects of all weight and sizes in a single box. Prior to packing, you need to sort every item by its shape, size and weight and get boxes tailor-made for them. You cannot fit big objects in a small box and neither can you fit small objects in a bigger one. If you do not have a small box, get the extra packing material and stuff it in the vacant spaces, so your tiny valuables cannot move around and get crushed or lost. 

Fill The Space!

It is important to fill the space because if your items start to move around, they might get damaged. This can happen because of the bumpy road or because of the constant friction. Furthermore, the boxes that are not completely full are likely to collapse. 

To prevent all of this from happening, we suggest you get excessive paper and fill it in the extra areas. Doing so would help you to tight pack your luggage.

For a decoration piece or any expensive valuable, you need to make sure that you are leaving at least two inches of packing from all sides. Another thing that you need to make sure of is that your packing boxes should not weigh more than 30 pounds. 

Take More Time To Wrap The Valuables

Wrapping breakable objects with absolute caution prevents them from breaking apart. So if you want all of your expensive corral plates to come in one piece, wrap them properly. 

Since, stacking increases the chances of cracking, while sending your Pakistan cargo to Dubai, make sure to put the dishes on the sides. Also, be sure that you are placing the paddling or paper in between each cup and plate. 

Always Seal And Never Forget To Label

After you are finally done packing, make sure you are sealing each box with strong duct tape. However, as long as you are not efficiently using the duct tape, it cannot really help you to secure your package. Considering this, make sure you are wrapping the box with tape in such a way that it is crisscrossing on the top. Now take another piece of tape and wrap it across the top of the box against the flaps. 

After all is done, make sure you label each box with a bold permanent marker. Although a lot of people prefer a red marker, you can use a marker of any colour.

We hope this blog has shown you some valuable tips and tricks. For more assistance, feel free to contact Direct Pakistan Cargo.

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