Eye-Opening Facts about Air Freight

Whenever you hear about air freight, the first alarm that goes off in your head is about expenses. Although, that is just a stigma attached to it. There is so much more to air freight than it is an expensive mode of transportation for goods. Air-freight is one of the crucial parts of the cargo industry in the world. People who are looking for quick and less-risky cargo services opt for air freight. Door to door cargo services are also much convenient with air-freight as the bulk products are loaded from the airport with safe and convenient types of equipment.

However, there are a plethora of facts that people are unaware of air freight. To shed some light on the advancement and how the air cargo industry works, here are some intriguing facts about air freight.

#1 The first air cargo flight: 1910

In 1903, the Wright brothers flew their first plane for 12 seconds, and that was the moment that was responsible for the prevalence of the cargo industry. Just after seven years, in 1910, a Wright Model B aircraft was flown for a distance of 65 miles to deliver 105 kg of silk from Dayton to Columbus. To mark the success of the first-ever flight in this history of aeronautics, 10 bolts of the pink-colored silk were distributed among the people as souvenirs. After this triumph, there was no looking back, and more and more companies got involved.

#2 DHL Express – the entry of the craziest cargo market

The air cargo industry took a new turn when Larry Hillblom realized the niche of cargo services and invented DHL express, which is now one of the giants in the world of air freight. The intelligence and wittiness of Hillblom helped in the take-off of DHL express’s success because he always kept finding shortcuts to make the air transit shorter and more convenient by taking smart measures at the right time. In 2020, DHL express owns an impressive fleet of 120 airplanes. Even then, the company is still aggressively pursuing innovation and growing bigger and better.

#3 Antonov An-225 – the largest cargo plane

The world’s largest air cargo plane is Antonov An-225 Mirya, which is more than double than the Wright’s plane. The wingspan of the Wright’s airplane that took off in 1910 is 120 meters, whereas the wingspan of the Antonov An-225 is about 88 meters. This plane can curb

weight of about 640 tons (580 tonnes) and is responsible for transporting valuable goods around the world.

#4 Hong Kong Airport: World’s busiest cargo airport

Hong Kong International Airport tops the list of the busiest cargo airports in the world. Cargo services in UAE, Europe, the USA, and other Asia countries load and unload about 4.8 million tonnes of goods every day. The second busiest cargo airport is the Memphis International Airport.

These facts show that cargo services are a worldwide industry, and it is crucial to adopt as much knowledge as we can about one of the thriving businesses in the world.

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