If you are currently residing in Abu Dhabi, moving out to live in America can be quite exciting, as there is a world of a difference between the two places. However, packing and moving out your cargo to the USA from Abu Dhabi can be extremely tedious, to say the least. Especially the thought of packing and sending your valuable goods can potentially consume you. Hiring the best movers with secured shipping is not sufficient enough to ebb your worries away. Moving ordinary goods is in no way similar to moving valuable items, Since, not only are they shockingly expensive, they are also one of their kinds. Sometimes valuable items are also extremely personal and hold very sentimental value for you.

In addition, sending cargo to America from Sharjah or any part of UAE is not similar to sending cargo to Pakistan from Sharjah or from any city in the United Arab Emirates. That’s why it is useful to educate yourself about the ways you can be extra cautious.

Here are some brief and easy ways that can be applied by anyone who is tensed about shipping overseas some of their most invaluable belongings.

Valuable Mirrors and Paintings

Get your bubble wraps, paddings, foams and mat board, as valuable mirrors and paintings require extra attention while packing. You should also get a removable tape to make huge crosses across these fragile items. Make sure the boxes you have bought to place the paintings and mirrors in are perfect in size, so no sliding and slipping can take place. There are places that can provide you with the boxes ideal for your valuables. However, the places with boxes that are ideal fit for your valuables are rare to find, therefore it is advisable to keep bundles of newspaper to stuff the vacant spaces.

2. Pianos

Pianos are not just expensive they are also quite huge in size, therefore they should only be dealt with by a professional. As professionals are equipped with right padding, boxes and valuable experience of packing that can avert the effect of an accident during the transition. Whether you are hiring a professional to do the placement at your new house or not, it is important to decide the spots where you want huge items like pianos to be placed.

3. Heirlooms

Losing a family heirloom is similar to losing a part of yourself, therefore heirlooms should be handled by experts and experts alone. Furthermore, you should keep asking them again and again if the parcel with heirlooms has been dispatched, so the service providers become extra cautious about your item.

4. TV

The modern flat-screen TVs are without a doubt one of the most delicate and the most cherished items of the household. Naturally, the TV screen is placed back in the packaging it came in. But special boxes can easily be purchased, as there are special markets for them.

Make sure you stuff lots of Styrofoam, pads and bubble wraps before carefully placing the TV in those boxes.

5. Sculptures

Before shipping the sculptures make sure you weigh them and calculate the average cost it would take to ship them. As companies can charge you unfairly, due to the odd shape and size of Sculptures.

6. Mattresses

Because of their huge size and different shapes, mattresses can be very complicated to pack. Although there are mattresses that have special bags or covers to shield them from any damage during the move. Furthermore, shipping companies also provide special bags to keep mattresses clean and safe and to get the proper ventilation. Some mattresses like the ones of memory foam can be far easier to move, due to their compressible nature.

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