The Two Best Modes of Shipping Cargo

cargo services help people share their love, in the form of sending gifts and personal possessions, from one place to another place. Many people are comfortable in sending their important documents, necessities, and stuff, without any concern, if they use a reliable service. 

People used to face a lot of problems in sending items to their loved ones in the past. However, nowadays, they just need to find a dependable blue cargo service company, which can send its representatives to your place to collect the packages and ship them to the right address. With these services, you can track your packages by asking about its ETA, location and other things. Within a few days, your cargo can reach its destination, whether it’s in your city, country, or international shipment. There are various ways of shipping cargos within a country but for international shipment, we have two primary modes of cargo. 

  • Shipping by Air
  • Cargo by Sea 

Shipping by Air or Airfreight:

Shipment by air is one of the best, fastest, safest, and more reliable options than other options. International shipment is usually sent through the cargo planes, it has all kinds of materials and luggage. A reliable cargo shipment company takes care of the luggage by packing them in insulating material to ensure that they are not damaged during their travels.  The total time air shipment takes is the duration of 4-7 days, which is the minimum time of the delivery. Additionally, with air freight services, you will get your order on your doorstep. 

Shipping by sea or ocean freight: 

Sea shipment is also a safe option. It is further categorized into two more options: 

  1. Full container load (FCL) 
  2.  Less than container load (LC L) 

FCL and LCL help customers in deciding the cargo service. It provides physical work of packing several boxes in one container and making a big parcel. Sea Shipping covers a duration between 25-35 days with FCL. Shipping by sea duration can range from  55-65 days if you are using the LCL service. It takes more time to deliver cargo but it’s safer. However, it covers a range of places and countries. Sea cargo to India is also approachable, as it has initiated ocean freight. 

Shipping to the USA from Abu Dhabi 

The USA and UK have very frequent use of cargo service, especially the shipping to the USA from Abu Dhabi. As they both are trading from one state to another state all over the world. USA Pakistani citizens who are living there for years but have very much attachment with the Pakistan traditional styles and culture typically require cargo shipping services. Same as India or Abu Dhabi, US citizens send their products to the countries for business or personal reasons. If you are shipping household items, such as plates, artwork, curtains, books, furniture, and similar items, they’re duty-free. Although you must book your order early to send cargo to the USA from Abu Dhabi. While shipping to the USA from Abu Dhabi, your items must be cleared through US customs at the first port then moved forward. 

To execute this task, make sure to send cargo with a reliable company, such as Direct Pakistan Cargo. We provide the following services.

  • Door to door cargo service available within Pakistan and outside of Pakistan. 
  • Cargo shipments: cargo services 
  • UAE & USA shipping
  • Full house shifting
  • International commercial shipping 
  • Storage 

If you are looking for a trustworthy cargo service, you should try Direct Pakistan Cargo. It has a complete range of cargo, packing, shifting, operating, express, removal, international Air & sea shipping services. It is known for its fast and cooperative service.  They are also a leading cargo service provider in Emirates. Moreover, Direct Pakistan Cargo is particularly offering door to door cargo to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, UAE, USA, and other countries, within a small span of time. It is convenient for you to send cargo to the USA from Abu Dhabi. 

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